Full Breakfast Fried Rice

Sawa na ba kayo sa lumang fried rice recipe n’yo? Buhayin ang kanin with this recipe na merong Wandah! Sweet Tomato Catsup Mix! Overloaded na sa sarap, overloaded pa sa savings ang recipe na ito. Kanin na, ulam pa! Tara, kain na!

Sinangag with Hotdog Full Breakfast
Variant Used: Wandah! Sweet Tomato Catsup Mix
Estimated Cost*: ₱92.41 |  Tipid Level: Tipid Queen | Serving Size: 5


1 (45 g) pc onion, chopped

1 (50 g) pc carrot, diced

2 pc hotdog (Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs Classic), sliced

2 tbsp oil (Magnolia Nutri-Oil)

2 tbsp garlic margarine (Star Garlic Margarine)

3 pc brown eggs (Magnolia Brown Eggs), beaten

4 cups cooked rice

1 (25 g) pack Wandah! All Around Sweet Tomato Catsup Mix, mixed with 1/2 cup water until smooth

1 tsp iodized fine salt

1/2 tsp pepper


1. Sauté onion, carrot and hotdogs in oil and margarine over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.

2. Add rice then mix well for about 2 minutes.

3. Add catsup then mix well.

4. Make a well in the center and add eggs. Cook eggs for a few seconds then mix with rice. Season with salt and pepper.


Left over rice works best for making fried rice.

* Cost may differ based on current market prices